Research Teams

Direction 1: Pest Disaster Mechanism and Management Theory

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Carry out research on the law and mechanism of major disease and pest catastrophes of wheat, apple, kiwi fruit and other crops, explore germplasm resources, screen and breed new varieties resistant to diseases and insects, and innovate sustainable green prevention and control theories and technologies.

1. Plant immunity research

Group leader: Kang, Zhensheng

2. Disaster mechanism and integrated management of fruit tree diseases

Group leader: Huang, Lili

3. Disaster mechanism and green prevention and control of fruit tree pests

Group leader: Chen, Maohua

4. Disaster mechanism and prevention of crop pests

Group leader: Zhang, Shize

5. Functional genomics of crop pathogenic fungi

Group leader: Xu, Jinrong

6. Research and utilization of functional genes of crop Phytophthora

Group leader: Liu, Xili