Hold the lecture of "convey the heart, move the heart" , which is on mental health for graduate students

Author:Peng Cheng  Source:  Date:2022-12-09  Views:

In order to guide graduate students to understand psychological knowledge and improve psychological diathesis, promote the healthy growth and all-round development, the college invited Fu Dan, a teacher from the Center for Psychological Development and Education, to give a lecture of "convey the heart, move the heart" in the conference room 932 in the afternoon on December 5th. The lecture was hosted by Ms. Ao, Xue, a graduate counselor, and attended by more than 50 graduate students.

      At the beginning of the lecture, Fu Dan popularized the definition of modern psychology to the students, so that the students understand the knowledge of college students' mental health better. Then she led the graduate students in thinking about how to become better versions of themselves and how to gain happiness and self-actualization. Next, Fu Dan communicated with the students how to understand the psychological problems, and pointed out the psychological tasks of the graduate stage, helped everyone understand the importance of mental health, master the way to face and solve psychological problems, relieve the pressure and anxiety of the students. “Graduate students are at a crossroad to society and need to make adult decisions, but they lack adult experience. They must give full play to their strengths and dare to make mistakes in order to have a better life”, she said.

      In the end, Ao Xue emphasized that the graduate students are under a lot of pressure on account of scientific researches. Many students would feel anxious. If someone encounter difficulties that can't be solved, they must conduct psychological counseling in a timely manner to solve their psychological problems, treat the life with full enthusiasm.

      The convening of this lecture on mental health not only enabled students to understand themselves correctly, plan themselves, surpass themselves, enhanced their ability of self-regulation and adaptation to the environment, but also guided students to understand the psychological knowledge, dredge the mental stasis, improve the psychological diathesis, and cultivate the optimistic mentality. “This lecture taught me that psychology is a science that enhances human well-being. It also taught me that people shouldn't just look at the negative things, we must treat the life positively and love it”, Tian Huan said, a student entered the pathology class in 2022.