Our College is permitted to hold China’s first Chinese-foreign Cooperation in running undergraduate education in Plant Protection

Author:Peng Cheng  Source:  Date:2022-11-17  Views:

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued an announcement permitting our university to cooperate with University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) to hold the undergraduate education program in Plant Protection program.

This program is the third Chinese-foreign education program in our University, whose characteristic is Chinese-foreign double degree, after our university cooperated with UNL to hold the undergraduate education program in food science and engineering in 2015, cooperated with University of Arizona to hold the undergraduate education program in environmental science in 2020. It is also the first foreign cooperative education program in the field of agriculture in Shaanxi Province and the first undergraduate education program in Plant Protection in our country.      


This undergraduate education program in Plant Protection is a '3+1' patternwith a duration of 4 years, which is included in the national general higher education enrollment plan, with an enrollment of 60 students every year. This project has achieved 'dual resignation ', 'dual enrollment ', 'dual school record', and 'dual degree '. Selected students will study in College of Plant Protection at NWAFU for 3 years, and the fourth year will go to the United States to study. After meeting the requirements for graduation and degree rewarding, students will be awarded with dual bachelor’s degree. During the students' study in our college, the UNL will send excellent teachers to our University to teach in English, we will also select excellent teachers to work closely with teachers from UNL to complete teaching tasks together.

The discipline of Plant Protection has entered the sequence of national first-class discipline construction, and the educational project held in cooperation with the UNL in the United States is a "combination between strong and strong ". The International Affairs Office, the Academic Affairs Office, the Planning and Finance Office and other relevant departments held many meetings with UNL, discussing core issues such as training plans for students, financial budgets, and the introduction of teaching materials, and pursued the best solution.

In recent years, College of Plant Protection at NWAFU has actively promoted the internationalization strategy, introduced overseas high-quality educational resources, and opened up a variety of ways for the international training of talents. The approval of this project is a new breakthrough in the international training of talents, which is conducive to promoting the sharing of high-quality educational resources with foreign countries, giving full play to the advantages and specialties of both disciplines, and will further promote the extension of cooperation in scientific research and innovation, platform cooperation, industrial services, teacher training and other fields, drive the high-quality construction of first-class disciplines in Plant Protection, and enhance the vitality of our college.