The 9th International Forum for young scholars, division of plant protection, was successfully held

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On November 25, the 9th International Forum for Young Scholars - a Sub-Forum in Plant Protection was successfully held. Postdoctoral Kangkang Chen from the University of Georgia (USA), postdoctoral Zhenhui Zhong from the University of California, Los Angeles (USA), and a special associate researcher Dawei Wang from the National Engineering Research Center for pesticides at Nankai University (China) were invited to speak. Prof. Xiaoping Hu, the Dean, attending the meeting and speaking, at which the meeting was chaired by Vice Dean Prof. Xiangfeng Jin and more than 60 faculties and students were enrolled online and offline.

On behalf of the College, the dean Dr. Xiaoping Hu enthusiastically welcomed the young scholars who participated in the forum and gave a detailed introduction for the college's history, discipline development, talent team, scientific research achievements. It is hoped that with the impact of this forum, leading edge dynamics and technical outcomes can be communicated with the young scholar community to promote the development and prosperity of implantable first-class disciplines.


  Meeting place for the Plant Protection Forum

During the forum, invited young scholars combined their own research areas and research outcomes under the topics of "Insulin roles in the reproduction of Aedes aegypti and factors linking blood feeding to insulin release "," rational design of phytochemical conservation molecules based on target group structure and their application research ", " plant epigenetic regulatory mechanisms and applications in synthetic biology ", around insulin regulation of mosquito reproduction ,the creation of highly potent and selective HPPD and PPO inhibitors and genetic variations among different subgroups of rice M. grisea have shared the latest research progress.

The meeting place interaction atmosphere was close, and the participants and teachers discussed and communicated deeply with the reporters on issues related to insect immunity and physiological biochemistry, the creation of new pesticides, and the regulation and application of plant epigenetic development, so as to further promote the academic communication and cooperation between outstanding young scholars and leading students at home and abroad.

Dean Xiaoping Hu said in concluding remarks that college of plant protection has a first-class scientific research platform and discipline team, has an excellent historical culture and characteristic culture of disciplines, is a first-class key discipline of construction, has a harmonious and upward officer and entrepreneurship atmosphere, and encourages excellent young scholars to come together early with our University to make new contributions to the principle of Plant Protection.

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