Protein elicitor GP1pro targets aquaporin NbPIP2;4 to activate plant immunity

Author:  Source:  Date:2023-06-06  Views:

Sun Yubo#,  Ren Xingyu #, Guo Wenhui, Wang Yong, Yan He, Han Lirong*, Feng Juntao*. Protein elicitor GP1pro targets aquaporin NbPIP2;4 to activate plant immunity.Plant, Cell & Environment. 2023. DOI: 10.1111/pce.14634.


The novel protein elicitor GP1pro is the protein component of glycoprotein GP‐1 isolated and identified from  Streptomyces kanasensis ZX01. GP1pro induces the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and a hypersensitive response (HR), along with the accumulation of resistance‐related genes and secondary metabolites. It ultimately regulates plant defence responses. Further analysis revealed that GP1pro interacts with the PIP2‐family aquaporin protein NbPIP2;4 on the plant plasma membrane (PM) in Nicotiana benthamiana . PM localization is necessary for inducing GP1pro resistance. These results demonstrate that NbPIP2;4 acts as a H2O2 transporter to positively regulate plant immunity and ROS accumulation. In summary, this study elucidates a conserved and novel pathway caused by GP1pro to initiate host cellular defences by targeting the plant aquaporin protein NbPIP2;4 and transporting apoplast‐to‐cytoplast H2O2 to regulate plant immunity.