Welcome to the Plant Protection sub-forum of The Ninth Overseas Young Scholars Forum

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Title 1: Insulin roles in the reproduction of Aedes aegypti and factors linking blood feeding to insulin release.

The speaker: Kangkang Chen

Title 2 :The rational molecular design and the research of application based on plant chemical protection of the target group structure.

The speaker: Dawei Wang

Title 3 : The plant apparent regulation mechanism and its application in synthetic biology

The speaker: Zhenhui Zhong

Time of the seminars: 8:30-10:30a. m., November 25, 2022

Location of the seminar: The second conference room of Plant Protection College

Tencent conference #: 235-332-155

Speakers’ introduction:

Dr. Kangkang Chen is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Georgia, major in the Lepidoptera insect immune response and mosquito reproductive regulation. His research focuses on the cross-communication mechanism between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and AMPs synthesis in insects and the regulation of insulin on mosquito reproduction. D. Chen published 15 SCI papers in journals including the journal of Frontiers in Immunology、Developmental and Comparative Immunology、Frontiers in Physiology and so on. He presided over one National Natural Science Foundation project, one Jiangsu Basic Research Program Youth Foundation project, one China Postdoctoral Science Foundation project, and one outstanding doctoral project of Yangzhou "Green Yang Golden Phoenix Program". He also serves as a reviewer for International Journal of Molecular Science, Insects and many other journals.

Dr. Zhenhui Zhong is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles, USA. His research interests include plant epigenetic regulation and application. He has published 15 papers as the first or co-first author in journals such as Nature Communications and PNAS. He is the young editorial board member of iMeta magazine and the reviewer of many journals such as New Phytologist and Plant Physiology.

Dr. Dawei Wang, the Distinguished Associate Professor at National Engineering Research Center for Pesticides, Nankai University, has long been engaged in the research of phytochemical biology and computational chemistry based on target group structure. As the co-inventor, he has successively invented super-efficient herbicides and candidate herbicides such as quinacrone, methylquinacrone, benzoxazine and benzoyl attractant, which have produced huge economic benefits. He has published more than 20 SCI papers as the first author and corresponding author in journals such as Nature Communications Jounral of Agriculture and Food Chemisty. He presided over 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects. He has applied for 18 domestic and foreign invention patents and won the 2nd Zhao Shanhuan Scholarship and Education Fund Outstanding Youth Academic Award and the 14th China Pesticide Industry Association Innovation Contribution Award -- First Prize in Technology Innovation and other awards.

All faculties and students are welcome and encouraged to join the forum.

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