Notice of the academic presentation about "Plant Hormones: "An Important Battlefield of Virus and Plant Host Confrontation

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Speaker: Prof. Sun, Zongtao (Ningbo University)

Time: 14:50-17:10 PM Nov 4th, 2022

The form of the seminar: Tencent Conference 685-446-167

The password of the meeting: 1234

The link of the meeting:

Invitation person: Prof. Sun, Liying

Introduction of the speaker:

 Dr. Sun, Zongtao, Professor, Institute of Plant Virology, Ningbo University, doctoral student supervisor. The gainer of The National Natural Science Outstanding Youth Foundation, and he became the leading talent of science and technology innovation in Zhejiang Province. and he became the first batch of high-level top-notch talent of "Zhejiang University Leading Talents Training Program", and he obtained Ningbo University "Young Scholar of East Zhejiang" and other honorary titles. He mainly engaged in the function of rice virus protein, pathogenic mechanism of virus and host resistance pathway etc. Recent years, he did some research on etiology and mechanism of soybean stay-green syndrome (SGS) disease outbreak and disaster. He published more than 40 papers on journals such as: PNAS, Nature Communications, The Plant Cell, New Phytologist. His five invention patents were authorized, he is the Review Editor of Frontiers in Microbiology, he obtained Natural Science Award second prize in Zhejiang. He has presided over more than 10 national, provincial and municipal projects such as national key research and Development Program for Young Scientists, major transgenic projects, and National Natural Science Foundation.

The lecture is a part of graduate course molecular plant virology of our academic Plant Pathology Department. The Prof. Sun Zongtao taught molecular mechanism of hormones involved in regulating the occurrence and development of plant virus diseases.

Faculties and students are welcome to attend actively!


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